Freak Lunchbox Candy for Kids Day

running total $22,185.21! 

Freak Lunchbox understands the importance of giving back.

We have been very proud to show our appreciation and support for the children in our communities by hosting 'Freak Lunchbox Candy for Kids Day'. 

On this day, all of the proceeds of our bulk candy sales were donated to local children's hospitals. Together we raised $22,185.21 for our local Children's Hospitals: IWK Health Services in the Maritimes, Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, the Janeway Foundation in Newfoundland and Operation Enfant Soleil in Montreal.  

Throughout the year, we are also involved in showing our support by offering donations in the form of packages and gift cards to local charitable organizations and events.  These have included charities such as Christmas Daddies, L.O.V.E., The Children's Wish Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.

If you feel we would be a good fit for your cause, please drop us a line and tell us about it at

*Due to the overwhelming number of requests that we get, it is just not possible for us to meet the needs of everyone. Only selected organizations will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.

Keep us in the loop and keep up the good work!

Freak Lunchbox